Simple But Effective Guide for Potty Training a Puppy

Potty training a puppy is the surest way of preventing messy accidents in your home. It is important to note that not every accident can be prevented. There are few messes that you will have to clean especially at the early stages of the potty training process. Nevertheless, by following this guide from our puppy potty training experts, you will train your dog to eliminate outside eventually.

Select a potty spot

It is possible to teach your puppy to use a small, designated area as the toilet area. This ensures that the puppy does not spread feces all over your home. Therefore, pick a specific area that you would like the puppy to use. Every time you let the puppy out, take it to the same spot. Since a dog is a habit creature, the puppy will get used to going to the same spot if you are consistent in taking it out to the same spot.
Use a crate
Do not allow the puppy to run freely all over your home. Instead, use a crate to confine the puppy to a specific area. The crate should be enough for the puppy to lie down, turn around and stand comfortably. Avoid a bigger crate because the puppy might pick half of it as a bed and the other half as its toilet.
Establish a routine
If you do not have a routine, you will have a problem in potty training your puppy. Most puppy owners complain that their puppies do not go potty whenever they take them outside to do so. This is usually due to inconsistency in feeding the puppy and taking it out. To avoid this problem while potty training your puppy, have a routine with a feeding schedule as well as potty breaks. Sticking to this routine will enable the puppy to adjust accordingly.

Supervise the puppy
The importance of supervising the puppy cannot be overemphasized. If you are not around to monitor the puppy, ensure that it is in the crate. While around, monitor the puppy closely. The puppy needs your attention because it will give some signals any time it needs to go. Such signs include circling and sniffing. Nevertheless, some puppies squat for no reason. Therefore, monitor the puppy closely to interpret the signs correctly.

Praise the puppy for the right act

When the puppy goes potty at the right spot, it is important that you praise it. This is very important especially at the beginning of the training process. You should also reward the puppy with treats that it likes. You can play with the puppy, rub its ears or do anything that it likes as a way or praising or rewarding it for the right act.

Handling accidents

If you do not catch the puppy in the act, just clean the mess without making a big issue out of it. If you catch the puppy in the act, interrupt it with some noise such as clapping your hand but do not get emotion. Take the puppy out to the designated toilet area gently. This will enhance the process of potty training a puppy because you will not scare the puppy the way you would if you punish it.
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